creative web agency

Oh. Hey there stanger!

You just caught us while we are refreshing our website!

That is a real bummer. Now you will never know what kind of cool stuff we are capable of building. :(

Although, a far bigger chance is, that you were refered to our website by one of our projects or client, right?

Great! Now that you roughly know us and the projects we do, let us quickly tell you some more keywords about us:

  • Clients we worked for: Philips, RWE, Innogy, Dannon, Einrichtungspartnerring, LesMills, Radenska, Union, Medex, Diggit, Planet Tuš and many more!
  • Things we do: Complex websites, web platforms and apps, mobile apps, desktop app, 3D modelling and a combination of both - interactive mini-games, 3D configurators and showcase/presentation apps.
  • Tools we use: PHP, Javascript, NodeJS, Symfony, React, React Native, Electron, BabylonJS and more!
  • Projects we focus on: Quality over quantity, unique, creative and out of the box solutions.

Does that sound like someone you would love to be working with? Awesome!

Drop us an email to info@corcosoft.com and we can start talking business!

Talk soon!